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The weekend of the 5th and 6th of December 2009 saw over 270 trees planted in Glenveagh National Park. Members of the public joined the Glenveagh staff and planted a variety of Downy Birch, Rowan, Aspen and Scots Pine on the new trails near the Derrylahan nature trail. As part of the Winter Wildlife Weekend organised by Glenveagh National Parks Nature Team, 1 hour each morning was dedicated to planting trees. Early morning walks led by Dave Duggan, Deputy Regional Manager and afternoon family wildlife workshops making Bird Feed balls and Bug Castles were also well attended. A big Thank You from Glenveagh National Park goes out to all who helped.

Both Mornings Deer were seen along the Derrylahan Nature Trail, as were flocks of Feildfares and Redwings feeding on Rowan Berries.


Glenveagh National Park