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Carrick Holiday Homes Donegal

Carrick Holiday Homes Donegal

An Charraig (Carrick) is a village in the heart of the South-west Donegal Gaeltacht, on the road between Cill Chartha (Kilcar) and Gleann Cholm Cille.

It is an attractive little town well located in the beautiful countryside which surrounds it. To the west of Teelin Bay rise the immense sea cliffs of Sliabh League, while one can trace both the Owenwee and Glen rivers as they make their way from the high ground into the Bay.

The Catholic church of Naomh Columba is the most prominent sight in the little town, a structure built in 1862. Before that date local people worshiped at a scalán or mass house, and tradition has it that they brought stones with them on their way to Sunday mass to build the church.

Naomh Columba’s is the parish church of the area which includes the western end of the Sliabh Liag peninsula, including Gleann Cholm Cille and Teileann, and An Charraig is a good place to base oneself when touring the area.

A trip by boat down Teelin Bay and along the cliffs is a must for visitors, and until 1824 a boat trip was the easiest way to get to An Charraig. It was in that year that the bridge in the middle of the town was built.

The building of the bridge was to a large extent the making of the town, as soon after the authorities built a Post Office, an RIC barracks and a Revenue station, thus establishing it as the focus of the peninsula.

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