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Cork City is the Republic of Ireland’s second largest city and the capital of County Cork. It is situated at the mouth of the River Lee at the head of Cork harbour. The Irish for Cork – Corcaigh – actually means marshland and the city was built in a marshy valley area where the Lee splits into two separate channels to form an island that is the heart of the city.

Steeped in history, Cork City is fast gaining a reputation as one of Europe’s trendiest cities. Like Venice, the city is built upon water, and the two channels of the River Lee which embrace the city centre are spanned by many bridges, providing the city with a distinctive continental and cosmopolitan flavour.

There are a number of places worth visiting while in Cork. Start with the imposing St. Finbarr’s Cathedral which was built by the renowned Victorian architect William Burges. Across the river is St Anne’s Church, Shandon.

This church houses the famous Shandon Bells and the tower has two sides faced with limestone and two faced with sandstone. Cork City Goal has a very interesting 35-minute taped tour and also houses the National Radio Museum where you learn about Marconi’s conquest of the airwaves.

St Patrick’s Street, affectionately called Pana by Corkonians, is the main shopping street in the city. Since its redevelopment in 2004, it has twice won the award as Ireland’s best shopping street.

The mainly pedestrianised street runs in a curve from Saint Patrick’s Quay to Daunt Square, where it meets Grand Parade. Oliver Plunkett Street has received similar redevelopment, and Grand Parade has responded to create a city centre with attractive pedestrian priorities.

Throughout Cork City will discover unique shopping and dining options, including the famous English Market, with its stalls selling foods from all over the world, and numerous pedestrian walkways and sidewalks flanked by smart boutiques and major department stores.

At every turn you’ll come across another panoramic view, another interesting architectural feature and some of the best art galleries, theatres and museums in Ireland.

Whether strolling down historical streets, shopping, exploring the surrounding countryside, or simply basking in the City’s hospitality, Cork City is an experience always to be remembered and cherished.

Cork City