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Doochary Holiday Homes Donegal

Doochary Holiday Homes Donegal

Doochary is a small village along a meandering river by the Derryveagh Mountains in west-central Donegal. The name means Black Weir, The village has has but a few at its main intersection.

Fishing for salmon and sea trout in the Gweebarra River brings visitors to the town. From Lough Barra the river runs through Doochary, becoming tidal there. It then flows six miles westwards to join the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby Glenveagh National Park is well worth a visit.

Shop and road signs are in Gaelic, the language spoken here. Doochary is quiet with a clean and neat appearance. Its neighbours are Dungloe to the west, Fintown to the East, Maas to the south and Glendowan to the North. It is located in the parish of Dungloe.

Doochary Holiday Homes