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Dunseverick Holiday Homes Antrim

Dunseverick Holiday Homes Antrim

Dunseverick is a small but beautiful hamlet located near the Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim. The picturesque harbour is still in use with local fishermen and is always busy with the surrounding shoreline proving a pleasant place to stop and have a picnic and short stroll.

Nearby Dunseverick Castle and the peninsula on which it stands were given to the National Trust in 1962 by local farmer Jack McCurdy. The Causeway Cliff Path also runs past on its way to Dunseverick Harbour to the east and to the Giant’s Causeway to the west.

The castle was occupied until its capture and destruction by Cromwellian troops in the 1650s, and today only the ruins of the gate lodge remain. A small residential tower survived until 1978 when it eventually surrendered to the sea below.

The Castle was a ‘key’ ancient site in Ireland. One of the royal roads from Tara, seat of the Kings of Ireland ended at Dunseverick castle.

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