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Leighlinbridge Holiday Homes Carlow

Leighlinbridge Holiday Homes Carlow

Leighlinbridge is a historical village on the river Barrow in County Carlow that is almost half-way between Carlow Town (10 minutes drive) and Kilkenny City. At the northern entrance to the village is a sculpture by Michael Warren, depicting the thrones of the ancient seat of the Kings of South Leinster at Dinn Righ (The hill of the Kings)

With its narrow winding streets that gently rise and fall with the lie of the land, grey limestone malthouses and jagged castle ruins overlooking a 14th century bridge, the centre of the little town of Leighlinbridge opens a vista of an earlier Ireland to the visitor.

The town’s original Black Castle, built in 1181, was one of the earliest Norman fortresses in Ireland.

It was granted to John de Claville by Hugh de Lacy, the powerful Norman baron who governed Ireland for Henry II. The present castle was built by Sir Edward Bellingham in 1547 and fell to Cromwell’s forces in 1650.

The wonderful nine-arched bridge across the Barrow is the oldest on the river. It was built in 1320 by Maurice Jakis, a canon of Kildare Cathedral, to facilitate movement within his diocese. The bridge was widened in 1789 and the careful observer can see signs of this work. Kingfishers and many other species of native wildlife, including otters, can be seen from the bridge

In recent times the village has excelled in the achievement of environmental awards. Of particular note was the winning of The Entente Floral in 2001. This is a major European Environmental competition in which the village came out on top.

The villages many awards have installed a great sense of pride in the locals. Great efforts are made every day to ensure the village’s appearance is of an excellent standard.

The village’s location on the River Barrow makes it ideal for cruising or fishing breaks.