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Rathlin Island Holiday Homes Antrim

Rathlin Island Holiday Homes Antrim

Rathlin is a small island off the north coast of Antrim that is accessed by passenger ferry from Ballycastle. The ferry to Rathlin Island travels just six miles across the “Sea of Moyle”. This island is six miles long, one mile wide, “L” shaped and home to a small population of around seventy people.

In the harbour is the Boathouse, where visitors can discover some of the exciting history, learn about present day island life and see some artefacts from shipwrecks around the island. A short walk around to Mill Bay there is a colony of seals, who are fun to just sit and watch!

In the summer Rathlin is made up of birdwatchers, botanists, sea-anglers and those who just want to get away from it all and admire it’s rugged scenery and spectacular views, observe it’s seals and explore its sea caves. Rathlin’s many wrecks also makes it a popular destination for divers.

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