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Saint Johns Point Holiday Homes

Saint John’s Point Donegal

St. John’s Point is at the end of a narrow peninsula which juts into Donegal Bay, south of the village of Inver. The Lighthouse at St. John’s Point provides a vital service to the fishermen of southwest Donegal, along with its sister lighthouses on Rathlin O’Beirne Island and on Rotten Island at the entrance to Killybegs harbour.

In the locality, you will find the remains of times long gone. Everything from Standing stones to an old castle. From an old Friary, to no less than twelve ring forts. Drive along the peninsula for approx. 8 kms until you come to the beach. Park the car, and you can walk in either direction.

The walk towards the lighthouse is rewarding with magnificent views of Donegal Bay, the islands and the surrounding coastline.

Beach at Saint John's Point Donegal

St. John's Point Holiday Homes