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With almost seven out of ten people researching and choosing their holidays online, it makes good sense to keep your online listings up to date and as interesting and appealing to visitors as possible. Here are a few practical tips to help you make the most of your listing:

1. Remember Tourism is an experience Industry, so deliver experiences!

2. Content is what attracts customers and keeps their attention. It is the one and only means which will bring customers to your website and turn leads into bookings! Make sure your content is as up to date as possible and include all the many things to see and do in the surrounding area.

3. Do you have any updated images of your property? If so, upload them – people like to be able to see what they can expect.

4. Are there any local events or festivals coming up over the holiday season? If so, include them on your listing.

5. Say something about the location as well as the property in the very first paragraph. People tend to choose location first, accommodation second.

6. Keep paragraphs short, if possible with one idea per paragraph – it makes it much easier on the eye when you are reading from a screen.

7. People love to read lists. Like this one. Easier to read and easier to understand.

8. Think of words that uniquely describe your property – avoid using words like “stunning” or “lovely”. Focus on catchy words.

9. Motivate people to take the next step and include a reference to booking in your content.

10. Always be sure that the links to your website are working.