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You’ve got the booking, now you want to impress your renters so much that they will come again next year. Here are my top tips for preparing your property so it makes the right impression.

1. The most important thing by far is that your property is spotless. Every surface shining, every spot and cobweb banished. Nothing is more off-putting than someone else’s dirt.

2. Make a good first impression with a welcome pack. This can be celebratory (bottle of wine or champagne), functional (milk, butter, bread etc.), or both.  Everyone loves a freebie! Or if you wish, you can offer to buy in certain items to be paid for on arrival.

3. It’s worth buying good-quality towels for your rental home. They last longer, and they make a good impression. White towels often look best but can be harder to wash, especially when those mystery stains show up.

4. A library of books with information on your area is handy to have. If you can’t find them in shops, try Amazon, which is also excellent for second-hand books.

5. Take the time to write up-to-date information on how everything works in the property, under clear headings. Print out and place in a folder with plastic page-holders. It’s also a good idea to write about recommended things to do/places to see nearby.

6. Collect leaflets and brochures on local tourist attractions, sights worth seeing, maybe even restaurant menus, and place them somewhere prominent. Guests will add to the pile.

7. The weather is not always perfect so in-house entertainment like board games are always popular. You can buy second-hand board games cheaply on auction websites like eBay. A pack of playing cards is always useful to have as well.

8. Does the kitchen have all the utensils and cooking equipment that you would find in your own home? It should do! Extra glasses help too because your guests are on holiday and don’t want to be washing up all day.

9. Provide cleaning products, including dishwasher and washing detergent, toilet paper, etc. Guests will not appreciate having to buy all these things for just one week’s stay.

10. If you cater to families, have cots and high chairs freely available. Charging for them may cause resentment because they are a necessity, not a luxury. You can buy these second-hand, they won’t cost much.